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MATRA Games Award Winners 2010
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MATRA 2010 Games Award Winners

Golden Sledgehammer Award - Overall Winner 2010

   Brock Gilliland, General Rental Center

2nd Place Overall

Leif Ackerman, Special Events of NE

3rd Place Overall

Dana Carter, One Stop Party Shoppe

Women's Overall

Courtney Tamuzza, Drake's Rental

Over 40 Overall

Dana Carter, One Stop Party Shoppe

1 Man Obstacle Course (Sponsored by Granite Industries)** New Game**

1st Place: Marlin Sensenig, Tents for Rent, 49.19 seconds.
2nd Place: Leif Ackerman, Special Events of NE, 50.25 seconds.
3rd Place: Al Buckman, Taylor Rental Party Plus, 51.03 seconds.

1 Man Sledgehammer Putting (Sponsored by TopTec Products, LLC)**New Game**

1st Place: Dana Carter, One Stop Party Shoppe, 2 feet, 2 3/4 inches.
2nd Place: Andrew Semptimphelter, L&A Tent Rental, 2 feet, 7 1/2 inches. 
3rd Place: Michael LaPlante, Chase Canopy, 2 feet, 9 inches.

1 Man Tent Lacing ( Sponsored by L.B.Breck Sales Group/R.A.Markert & Associates)

1st Place: Jason Lebourdais, L&A Tent Rentals, 39.07 seconds.
2nd Place: Elicieo Damian, Atent for Rent, 41.41 seconds.
3rd Place: Trevor Hotchkin, Classical Tents & Party Goods 45.06 seconds.

1 Man Stake Toss (Sponsored by Eureka! Tents)

1st Place: John Consentino, A to Z Rentals, 3/4 inch.
2nd Place: Wayne Parker, Special Events of NE, 3 inches.
3rd Place: Ty Darden, Bravo Events Expos, 4 inches.

Side Pole Toss (Sponsored by Fred's Tents)

1st Place: Leif Ackerman, Special Events of NE, 81 feet, 4 inches.
2nd Place: Anthony Weber, Tents for Rent, 69 feet, 3 inches.
3rd Place: Daryl Benz, Aggreko, 67 feet, 9 inches.

1 Man Stake Drive (Sponsored by Pioneer Tool & Forge)

1st Place: Brock Gilliland, General Rental Center, 15.59 seconds. 
2nd Place: Steve Campbell, L & A Tent Rentals, 16.62 seconds. 
3rd PLace: Matt Pare, Aztec Tents, 17.66 seconds.

2 Man Stake Drive (Sponsored by Aadvantage Tent Fittings)

1st Place: Keith Martin,Jay Eborsole, Tents for Rent, 8.5 seconds.
2nd Place: Mark Wilson, Rodrigo Batista, BC Tents, 9.72 seconds.
3rd Place: Dana Carter/Chris Bell, One Stop Party Shoppe, 12.5 seconds.

One Man Rope Throw (Sponsored by Anchor Industries)  

1st Place: Brock Gilliland, General Rental Center, 62 feet, 6 inches..
2nd Place: Matt Anderson, Event Central, 57 feet, 1 inch.
3rd Place: Keith Martin, Tents for Rent, 57 feet.

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